Thursday, 6 December 2012

Bathroom Floor Tiles

Hey Guys,

Just built a new website on our Adsense "journey" - this time all about Bathroom Floor Tiles. LOL, I am getting to find out about and write on some weird and wonderful subject matter on this strategy.

You'll notice that we are now adding video and a Picasa (owned by Google so good to connect up with the site) image album.

Please go and have a look and let me know what you think? I'll talk about hoiw we're driving traffic on anoher day, but for now we are committed to building 100 of these sites and see where it takes us.

Check it out here - Bathroom Floor Tiles

By the way, I never knew there were so mnay types of floor tiles for your bathroom? Stone, ceramic, porcelain and even glass - a bit slippery when wet maybe?

Sources of Web Content

Hello Again,

I was trawling through some of my older online content, particularly stuff in the IM "How To" niche. I've been posting helpful hints and tips on online marketing for nearly six years now - wow where has the time gone?

Anyway, I found this really old (like 4 or 5 years ago) video I made on some sources you can use to either do content curation for your blog or to get ideas for content. Now remember - it is O.K to curate content. This means you can use it or snippets of it as long as you ATTRIBUTE and link back to the original writer - Google likes you doing this, after all the Internet is all about sharing. But do not just blindly copy. Write your own "angle" or "take" on subjects. Offer a different view and use different source of content to cover all angles.

Anyway, I put the video up on the main APD site, so here's the link.

Sources of Web Content

Yes, I know you can tell it's an old video and I didn't really know what I was doing in making video in those days, but, I have had a good response to re-publishing enjoy and I hope you find it useful.

Cheers now

If you want to just watch the video - here it is.