Friday, 19 October 2012

Mallorca For Holidays

Mallorca Holidays

Like most people...I really love a holiday in the sun, I mean, with the weather we've had in the U.K the last couple of years is it any wonder? And, one of my favourite desitinations is the holiday island of Mallorca, or Majorca as the majority of Brits call it. And, why not with beaches and scenery like this...

Stunning isn't it? This is Cala San Vicente by the way.

Anyway, as I go to Mallorca quite a bit, I thought I'd build a website about the island and some of the cool things you can do and see when you're on holiday there.

I guess the main thing about Majorca is that it has something for pretty much all tastes. Like the image above there are quiet beaches with beautiful warm blue water...oh yes, and stunning scenery to boot.

Go to Palma the capital and witness stunning architecture, amazing history and shops and rstaurants to die for! Not to mention a marina with some very cool yachts!

From quality to budget hotels, the most upmarket cuisine to local tapas bars Mallorca has it all. There is also the lcoal drink Hierbas (exercise extreme caution) and you have a heady mix.

For more information about Mallorca Holidays - click this link and enjoy my view of the island.

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