Sunday, 4 November 2012

Infrared Saunas

Hello Again,

I recently updated my site all about Infrared Saunas. Finally the "establishment" have come to realise that regular Infrared Sauna use does actually deliver a whole series of health benefits. These include potential weight loss (as a session burns calories at the same rate as a long jog) and also has the ability to detox your system. This is because the infrared heat penetrates deep under your skin and brings toxins out with the "deep sweat"!

And, now with the cost of a home installation being within the reach of most households it must be the time to consider a home installation of your own.

With that in mind I just did this rather cool montage video that shows you some of the best models as well as looking at some of the benefits of Infrared Sauna use.


You can also find the site at Infrared Sauna - just click the link

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