Tuesday, 12 March 2013

How About A Wet Area In Your Bathroom?

There is a lot of talk in bathroom circles at the moment on the subject of Wet rooms as they seem to be are all the rage at present. Having said that, many folks still do not know what they  are!

Ultimately they are an open space area (in either your bathroom or a devoted area in iteslf) that you simply walk right in to. In essence, they're a walk in shower and /or bathing  room area that's specifically a wet room. I guess the word is pretty descriptive!

It's a fully  waterproofed, floor to ceiling  shower area that you physically walk right in to. There can be glass partitions or surrounds around the shower area itself with these ordinarily partitioning the other facilities from the main shower. Some of the recent creations I've seen are absolutely stunning and they definitely add value to  your house - afterall my realtor says "bathrooms sell houses" and realtors are always right - right?

A Fully Tiled Area

A wet room is pretty much as the name indicates - You will have tiles everywhere, the total "wet" area is going to be waterproofed including the shower which commonly the focal point. Naturally all other "bathroom facilities" will be included but as mentioned above, these are normaly partitioned off. In most occasions the traditonal shower tray is replaced by a gently sloping base floor that allows for drainage.

Make sure you keep in mind that your wet area should be expertly waterproofed, this process is termed "tanking". It is necessary so that your wet area doesn't suffer from things like mold or mositure collection in the wrong areas and vitally leaks. On the bottom point of the slanting floor you'll usually have the plug hole to drain the shower region.

Sitautions of Possible Concern

When your wet area is absolutely not expertly set up it is possible damage will occur to the wet room and possibly your wider home. In spite of the fact the entire environment is fully-tiled, moisture can still work its way through grouts and adhesives causing all sorts of problems in the event poor resources are utilized. All you have to do is keep a sensible watch on your new installation in those crucial first few months. If you do notice a problem, get your contractor back straight away.

Key Fundamentals for The Wetroom

Here's a catalog of the vital issues to consider in the wet room:

• Make sure that you have got appropriate floor covering and drainage set.
• Accepted wet room floor angle - inclined towards the Shower Drain.
• The water proofing, or tanking, should be absolutely operational.
• Make sure there's ample ventilation.

Benefits of Wet Areas

A wet area does without doubt give a stroke of grace and good taste to your home plus they also offer the optimum wear of space, so will be principally effectual in lesser bathrooms. To get a current appearance, wetrooms are ideal, and they are also compatible with under-floor heating systems, meaning you're able to get stylishness and warm feet!

Among the other chief advantages is simply a wetroom may be created in any space so you are not limited to regular shower sizes an additional great benefit if you have a less large bathroom. One point that shocked me is that your floor base can be flexible in your wetroom, say timber as a substitute for concrete and your shower area can be any dimension up to the complete size of your bathroom!

The "Wow Factor"!

With any wet room you can expect the ‘wow factor’, and you ought to be proud to own a bathroom which feels much more like a 5* hotel room than something else! But certainly the key advantage is for persons who are perhaps not quite so mobile as they did before as there isn't any shower tray to climb over, you simply walk straight in.

There is little doubt if you first step into a high-class wetroom it’s a "breathtaking" instant. A real estate agent buddy of mine believes that it is the bathroom and kitchens which effectively sell homes, so can a wetroom lend a hand and add a couple of thousand bucks to your sale price? 100 percent!

For more information on Wetrooms visit http://wetrooms.org

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