Monday, 15 April 2013

Homeland An Excellent TV Show

Homeland - Excellent Entertainment

O.K, I know I'm a little behind the times, but I've just got into the Homeland TV Show. Mind you, I am so glad I did as it has to be one of the best T.V shows ever. The trials and tribulations of Marine captive Nicholas Brody and his CIA femme fatale Carrie Mathison is some of the most compelling T.V I have ever seen.

With cintemporary themes on terrorism that could easily be founded in the truth it's a real rollercoaster ride of tense, taught and superbly written storylines.

The story starts when a black ops mission deep in Al Qaeda territory discovers a long lost Brody. Frail and frightened Brody is liberated by the Navy Seal mission and returned to American soil. The White House see an easy PR coup and want Brody to become a celebrity.

However, renegade CIA operative Carrie Mathison (who has just been kicked out of Baghdad for an unauthorised op) had been told by one of her connections an Amercian serviceman had been tortured, brainwashed and turned. Carrie immediately assumes Brody is the sleeper.

From here the story twists and turns with some amazing storylines that you simply do not see coming. Further twists are added by Brody trying to come to terms with his freedom and rebuild his family life with wife Jessica (player superbly by Morena Baccarin) and his two children. Jessica has been having an affair with Brody's best friend (believeing Brody to be long dead) which adds further spice.

Clare Danes is superb as the almost psychotic Carrie who constantly lives on the edge whilst winding up bosses Saul and Estes. Brody is also played superbly by Damian Lewis. He puts in a commanding performance as Brody and delivers shock after shock as key facts come to light almost weekly. Enjoy Homeland it is excellent "edge of the seat" entertainment.

I found a great site that gives excellent homeland episode guide if you want to find out a little more about Homeland at the season level they also do specific season guides as follows:-

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